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About Us

Dolce Skin and Laser was founded on the belief that clients should receive the aesthetic and medical results they are looking for without the hectic element that many media-spa's have. Unlike many spa's, although relaxing, are unable to address medical skin conditions, or do not have the medical knowledge and expertise to do so. Whether you are coming for a Hydrafacial or Viora treatment, at Dolce Skin and Laser you don't have to sacrifice results for relaxation, now you can enjoy both.


Dawn has worked for the past 15 years as a surgical assistant and aesthetician to some of the best dermatologists & plastic surgeons in the industry. Her experience allows her clients to receive the latest in laser skin rejuvenation techniques and services with the time and sensitivity you deserve in order to achieve your skincare goals.

Serving one client at a time allows for complete personal skin evaluation & overview tailored to your skins specific needs with a thorough treatment plan that is simple to follow. This has lead to strong client relationships, built on commitment, trust andexcellent results.


At Dolce Skin and Laser, we will partner with you in determining the best procedure to address your concerns. Initial consultations take only 15-30 minutes to perform. 

To schedule your complimentary consultation call (702) 972-1188

Our medical director is Dr. Trenche

What concerns do you have?

* Fine lines & wrinkles

* Acne scars

* Major lines around nose & mouth

* Loss of fullness or volume in lips or face

* Tough skin texture

* Melasma

* Uneven skin tone

* Acne

* Dryness

* Freckles

* Age spots

* Enlarged pores 

* Coarse or short eyelashes


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